August 20, 2013

Do you spend more to get free shipping?

I hate paying for shipping and usually will not purchase something online if I have to pay shipping.  I was shopping for 2 booster seats and found a nice one at WalMart that was really reasonable and had great reviews.  I wanted to order 2, but the total was only $26 and to get free shipping I had to spend $45.  I could have just paid the $5 shipping or I could have just picked it up at the store.  But I hate going into Walmart.  Its less than a ten minute drive from my house, but its in a really busy area and really I just hate shopping there.

So I ended up buying things I knew we would use just to get the free shipping.  My total came to $46.  I had $50 set aside for the booster seat purchase anyways.  Plus I got a large pack of paper towels, mascara, drink mix and q-tips.

And I used ebates, so I'll be getting 2% cash back.

1 comment:

  1. It depends. In your situation, I'd pick ship to store for free, if it was that close. But also, if I needed extra things (toiletries, soaps, etc), I'd add that. Most of the time, I do try and reach the free shipping limit, and then evaluate if I would've honestly bought the stuff. If not, I often abandon the whole cart and look for alternatives. I'm a horrible shopper with little patience.