August 22, 2013

I hit the Cold Medicine Jackpot!

I stopped at Walgreens on my way to work today to get Dial Soap.  I use it to wash my face and I switched to the cheapy dollar store brand and broke out.  So turns out the soap was BOGO, Yay! 

I always check out Walgreen's clearance section.  I usually find some really great deals.  Today, it was cold medicine.  And I checked the expiration dates and none of them expire until mid 2014, some are good till 2015. 

This is what I got:
  • 3 pack of children's acetaminophen (3 - 4 oz bottles) - Reg. Price $12.99, Clearance Price $3.24
  • 1 bottle of Children's Plus Cold medicine - Reg. $5.99, Clearance $1.49
  • Wal-Tussin Chest Congestion Expectorant - Reg. $5.49, Clearance $1.37
  • Children's Dimetapp Cold & Allergy - Reg. $7.79, Clearance $1.94
  • Adult Robitussin Nasal Relief tablets - Reg. $7.99, Clearance $2.50
  • Adult Robitussin Cold and Flu Night time - Reg. $7.49, Clearance $2.50
Cold and Flu season come and get us!  Well actually don't.  But we will be prepared just in case. 
Mr. Ripples has a cold and I think the girls are catching it so this worked out great.

Some other great clearance deals -
  • XL bottle Got2 B hair glue (Mr. Ripples) - $2.99
  • 2 Children's Metal Detectors (put away for Christmas) - $4 each

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  1. Very nice. The local Walgreens here rarely had any clearance things (just a small shelf they were dead set on moving every other week). Good that they don't expire soon!