August 11, 2013

Busy Weekend and August Grocery Challenge Update

We had a great weekend.  On Friday, one of my best friends came over for a sleepover and cookout with 2 of her kids.  Our kids are around the same age and had a blast. Usually we plan sleepovers when Mr. Ripples is working, but my friend's son is 5 and his father is not in the picture at all.  He's also the only boy in the group.  Mr. Ripples was really great when I asked if I could plan a sleep over on one of his nights off so he could hang out him.

On Saturday we went to a wedding and had a ton of fun.  A lot of people from my work were there and we danced late into the night.  Wobble Baby!

On Sunday we went to my grandparent's house on a lake.  It was my pop-pops 83rd birthday.  We had a ham, fruit salad, veggie tray, cookies and pie out on the deck and then went for a boat ride around the lake.  The weather was beautiful. My sister sent a whole bunch of ham home with me so I'm not cooking tonight. Woohoo!

August Grocery Challenge Update -
On Friday Mr. Ripples' went to Aldi to get some food for the cookout and anything else we needed.  He spent $43.48.

Then I stopped at Giant Eagle to get pop.  Five 12 packs for $13.88.

So far we've spent $234.76 out of my $440 August Budget.  I'm going to come up with a meal plan for this week to use up everything I can.  We spent a little more than I had wanted with the cookout so I want to get back on track.


  1. Entertaining does get expensive but its still cheaper than going out.

  2. Gotta love being sent off with food! Glad to hear you guys had a great weekend.