August 8, 2013

Bad News to the Budget

At gymnastics for Big Ripples, I received the fall schedule.  Classes seem a lot more expensive than I expected them to be. We just started in the summer and they were shorter, cheaper sessions.  For seven weeks, we're looking at $77 for Big Ripples for a 7 week session and $68 for Baby Ripples.  I don't know what to do.  I think Big Ripples really Loves gymnastics and could be really great at it if she stays involved.  She says she would rather do bowling with her cousin rather than gymnastics if we had to get rid of one activity.  I struggle with this decision because, its not like we can't afford these activities, but I'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars each month on them and instead be able to travel or *gasp* spend some money on myself. (I have this secret idea that I would love to by a flute and take lessons again.  I used to really love playing the flute but gave it up in high school.  But really, a mom of two and a full time employee, when would I find the time). 

Decisions, Decisions.

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