August 27, 2013

Biotin Review

I have been trying to grow my hair out for a long time now.  I don't remember when the last time I had my hair cut was.  My hair is extremely curly and didn't seem to want to do much growing. I was also getting a lot of large knots at the ends.  I would notice in the morning when I was washing my hair that a lot of hair was falling out and I think that was causing the knots in the curls.

I remembered a long time ago a hair stylist had told me to try taking Biotin.  So a couple months ago I bought a bottle of Nature Made Biotin 2500 mcg.  It says on the bottle for healthy hair, skin and nails.  I haven't noticed a different in my skin or nails but after taking this supplement for about 2 months now, I do notice that my hair has been falling out less and I'm not having to deal with knots every morning like I used to. 

The bottle came with 90 soft gels and I take 1 per day.

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  1. I don't know what Biotin is but I was going to suggest prenatal vitamins.