August 30, 2013

Date Day!

Yesterday, I took a day off work.  Mr. Ripples had the day off too.  We sent the kids too school and had a date day.

We hit some garage sales.  I got 3 new books to read.  Found some brand new activity books and little toys still in their packaging that I bought super cheap to put away as stocking stuffers for Christmas. 

We didn't really need anything but found a new umbrella and a Christmas tree skirt both of which we did need.

Then we stopped at the thrift store to get the girls each some t-shirts.  I cleaned out all the stained and worn out clothes from their closets a week ago and they both needed a couple new t-shirts.  Baby Ripples got 3 new shirts, Big Ripples got 1 shirt and a pair of jeans, Mr. Ripples found a shirt and a photo album, all for $14.  Yay for Thrift Stores!

Then Mr. Ripples and I went out to lunch at a nicer restaurant.  He wanted to go to the buffet but since I rarely get to go out to eat, I wanted someone to wait on me.  It was an expensive meal but very good.  $43 including the tip.

After lunch we took a nap until it was time to get Big Ripples off the bus.

It was a great day.  I wish I would have taken today off too.

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