April 5, 2013

When to shop and when to save

In the car yesterday, we had to stop at the dollar store and so I told Little Ripples that she could take some money out of her pickle jar to buy something.  At first she said she wanted to buy 3 things, so I told her she would need three dollars. 

Earlier at Target, she found a Brave costume she really wanted that was $20 dollars.  So we had a conversation about how she could spend her money on a few little things from the dollar store or she could save up and buy the brave costume.  We went back and forth a few times explaining this and she finally got it.  She decided she would only take $2 dollars to the dollar store and save the rest of her money to buy something bigger later. 

I was proud of her for really thinking it through and deciding to hold onto some of her money for later.

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