April 5, 2013

April Savings Challenge Update #2

Blah.  I'm so not good at this.  Went to Target to get new curtains (planned purchase), walked out with $4 in unplanned purchases.  Then when the curtains I bought didn't work out, Mr. Ripples went back to exchange for different ones and he spent another $15 in unplanned purchases. 

Today was nice and sunny.  Mr. Ripples was off work, so I asked him to meet me for lunch.  Totally yummy but totally money not needed to be spent.

On top of this challenge, I'm trying to figure out how to justify buying my daughters school pictures that came out absolutely adorable.  And I really want to sign them up for gymnastics classes which is $112 for both of them for 6 weeks. 

Oh, and I just received the pledge card for the $20 that I agreed to donate to my graduate school.  Like seriously, I'm still trying to pay off my student loans and they're always calling and asking me to donate money to help their current students.

Hmmmm... looks like I need to do some planning.  Technically we haven't even been paid yet in April.  We're still using up March's money so we might have some wiggle room.

In the mean time, I need to focus on not spending money on unplanned purchases.  That is my goal.

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