April 6, 2013

My 2 Favorite Credit Cards

My favorite credit card is my Disney Rewards Visa.  I opened it a year ago and received a $50 credit to my account after I used it for so many purchases.  I also receive a percentage back in Disney Reward Dollars on all my purchases.  I have earned $244.97 in Disney Dollars.  I don't carry a balance on this card, in fact I check it almost daily and make payments to it within a couple of days of putting money on it.  We are planning on taking the girls to Disney World in the next year or so and the rewards will really help pay for that vacation.

My second favorite credit card is my REDcard for Target.  I get 5% off of every purchase in store and online and I always get free shipping when I use it to order online.  I don't carry a balance and pay the balance off within days of using the card.

These are the only 2 credit cards I use.  I love the rewards and because I keep the balances paid off, I have never paid any interest on them.

Do you have a favorite rewards credit card?

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