April 6, 2013

Zoo Day!

My mom and I took Little Ripples to the zoo this morning.  I have a membership so we didn't have to pay to park or for admission.  I packed a small back pack with 2 bananas, a juice box, a can of pop and a granola bar so we didn't have to buy any snacks. 

Our local zoo is pretty small and they have a section of it closed off for construction of some new exhibits so it only took 1 1/2 hours to go through it.

My only financial fail was that I forgot that we had bought a discounted prepaid card to use for the carousel, train rides and crackers for goat feeding.  I left the card in Mr. Ripples wallet so I ended up spending $5 so Little Ripples could still do all those things.

Now Mr. Ripples and Little Ripples went to a family birthday party.  Baby Ripples is sick so I'm hanging out at home with her.

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