April 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning: Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes...

Little Ripples is now sick with the Fever that Baby Ripples had last week.  Don't you love when kids share?!

So since I'm home from work today, I decided to do some more spring cleaning.  In the coat closet, I found 7 vacuum cleaner bags, 3 air filters and 2 belts for the vacuum.  I think we'll be good on those for a long time!

Note to Self:  Do Not Buy Any More Shoes for the Girls!

Baby Ripples' Shoes
(she has another pair of tennis shoes that she's wearing at daycare now)
How many pink pairs of sandals does one girl need?
Little Ripples' Shoes
The bright pink pair of shoes were brand new
only worn once... to the park... in the mud. 
Anyone know how to get mud out of cloth shoes?

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