April 15, 2013

Uses for free toothbrushes from the dentist

Everyone in my family has a spin brush or some type of electric toothbrush so when we go to the dentist, we really don't have a use for the free toothbrushes we get.  2 visits per year for the 3 of us that go to the dentist = 6 toothbrushes annually that we don't really need.

But I've been finding other ways to use them.

1. Recently I used one of the free toothbrushes to clean the grout in the bathrooms and the baseboards in my living room and dining room.
2. We use the free toothbrushes for when we go on vacation.  This way I don't have to repack them when the trip is over, I can just toss them out.  
3. Potato scrubber - I've been in a potato mood lately but didn't have a vegetable scrubber.  I felt like I wasn't getting them rinsed off enough but didn't want to go buy anything.  So I pulled out a brand new toothbrush that the dentist had just given me and scrubbed a way.

Works for me and didn't cost a thing!

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