April 9, 2013

More Spring Cleaning

Linen Closet - This is almost embarrasing but here's a photo of my unorganized linen closet.  I cleaned it out and found lots of curtains, some that came with the house.  Not sure why I've hung onto them this long.  So I'm setting those aside for a garage sale that I am planning for May.  Organized the towels and my bargain shelf.  The top shelf is where I put my stock pile of extra products when I've found deals too good to pass up.

Before: Eeeek!
After:  Much Better
Oven - Ok...As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, I have a confession to make:  I've never cleaned my oven.  It never really occurred to me until I cleaned out under the kitchen sink and found some Easy Off.  I didn't get a before and after picture of this, but lets just say when I actually looked inside, it was pretty gunky.  The Easy Off worked ok, but when I turned the oven on to cook dinner smoke came out of my stove and I could smell the cleaner.  I'll have to look into natural ways to clean the oven.

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  1. Don't be embarrassed, my linen closet often looks like that!