April 25, 2013

April Challenge Final Update


My husband had a meeting today so he got his paycheck early.  It won't hit our account until tomorrow but at least I know how much it will be.  Mr. Ripples ended up with a good chunk of overtime pay.  My goals for this month were to be able to add $150 to our emergency fund and save another $150 so I can add it to my student loans payment.

We made both of these goals!  And I might be able to save even more money if I really watch the budget and don't overspend on grocery shopping or anything else that pops up.

Plus we had a couple extra expenses come up that we were able to find money to pay for:

Girl's school Photos - $78 - Paid for with extra money
Pool Membership for Little Ripples - $65 - Came out of Mr. Ripples overtime pay this month
Summer Gymnastics Lessons - $112 (The girls great grandpa gave them each some money, I let them each buy a toy and put the rest towards gymnastics lessons.)

1 comment:

  1. Congrat's on reaching your goals!! :) You really did well this month with your savings AND meeting extra expenses!!