January 10, 2016

Creating a Personal Career Website

It took me 14 months of interviewing with many, many companies before I was offered the position I am in now.  I lost track of how many resumes I sent out.  But one thing I could have done to make my job search a little easier is to create a personal career website.

I really like my new job and am not looking for a new one but I've decided it's time to start working on this website to really showcase my talents.  Plus as I finish projects at work, I can upload them into my online portfolio.  This way I won't be scrambling to get copies of projects and trying to remember everything that I had worked on.

So last night I finally did it.  I purchased my name as the url and started setting up the site.  I use Siteground for my web hosting as I've used them before and am really happy with the support I've received.

Right now I just have the template and pages set up.  I've got to work on building my portfolio and writing copy for the various pages.

But at least I'm finally tackling this project that has been on my to do list for quite some time.

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