April 11, 2015

Food Waste Updates

I've been busy with a couple big projects that I'm working on at home but I'm still trying to track our food waste.  This was the waste over the last two weeks.  It's a bit more than usual from a combination of me have a stomach bug, Mr. R doing a couple shopping trips without a list and me just not paying close attention.

2 tomatoes $.33, about 2/3 container organic spinach $1.66,
practically a whole container of grapes that got moldy $2.50, and
some left over pasta from over a week ago $.25

Grapes $1.00, a small amount of lettuce $.50 and almost a whole container
of arugula that I bought on clearance for $.99 

Total food waste from the last 2 weeks: $7.23
Total Food Waste for 2015: $31.57

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