April 1, 2015

Back to Reality

I have had a horrible stomach flu the last two days.  Yesterday was the worst.  I laid on the couch all day trying to get comfortable.  Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and just felt awful.  My girls are home on spring break and they spent the whole day watching tv, dragging out all their toys and making a mess, and eating snacks that they could get themselves.  At almost 8, Big R is a big help in these situations as she can help out getting drinks and making bowls of cereal or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

My absolutely wonderful mother already had plans to take the girls to an indoor water park today and possibly stay overnight as it is a bit of a drive.  So my step-father picked up the girls yesterday around 4:30 and kept them overnight an extra night so I could get rest and recover.

It is very odd not having to do anything.  Even when I'm sick, I'm still used to having to get the girls dressed, teeth brushed, food... etc.  This morning, I had planned to go to work.  I was able to set my alarm for 8 am since I only had to get myself ready.

At the last minute I decided to stay home another day since my morning toast didn't seem to agree with my already iffy stomach.  It was a good thing I stayed home.  I ended up sleeping all day so I must have needed it.  At around 3pm I woke up starving and feeling better.  I ate a bowl of cereal that tasted amazing and the cold milk was delicious.  But after half an hour I wasn't feeling so well again.  Probably should have stuck with the toast.  The thought of food right now is disgusting. But hey, maybe I'll have lost some weight.

My mom has kept the girls for 2 nights now.  I miss them.  I'm not used to not having them around especially when I'm not doing anything but laying around and resting.

Hopefully tomorrow I am feeling completely better.  I'm going to be behind at work plus my house is a mess since Mr. R has worked the last two nights and slept during the days and I haven't done anything but lay around.

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