March 22, 2015

Tax Plan 2015

We get a large amount back in taxes.  I know I should adjust our withholdings and every year I plan to and then don't.  We do use our taxes to pay for a lot of our annual bills. Which is the plan again this year.  Here's what the tax return will cover:

  • Car Insurance
  • Cord Blood Registry Fees
  • City Taxes
  • Life Insurance for Mr. R and I
  • Zoo Membership
  • Norton Anti-Virus
  • Cost of taxes for H&R Block
After all of those are paid for, we should have a little over $1600 left.  Here's the plan for that Money:
  • $200 Energy Saving Devices - Not sure what this will be this year.  In the past, I have used this money to purchase automatic lights for the basement, automatic shut off power strips, water saving shower head... 
  • $135 Family Fun - I just booked an overnight stay at an indoor water park in May.  I got a discounted amount through groupon plus an extra 10% off with a coupon code and will receive 6% cash back through ebates.  The total for 2 days at the water park for our family of 4 and an overnight stay at the resort with taxes came to $135.
  • Add $367 to Emergency Fund 
  • Add $367 to Vacation Fund
  • Make an extra $369 car payment
  • $80 Date Night - Not sure what we'll use this for but I want to plan a special date night.  Maybe dinner and a play at the local theater or something like that.
  • $60 Mr. R Spending Money - Mr. R can use this for whatever he wants, but I know he wants/needs a new pair of boots.
  • $60 for me as spending money - I needed some new makeup so I already spent this money. I have problem skin and Clinique works very well for me so I ordered foundation, powder and mascara.

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