March 21, 2015

Making Progress and Other Financial Updates

  • Dog Sitting for my sister - Dog has been picked up
  • Baby Sitting for my niece- Great Nephew dropped off at his Grandma's
  • Helping my friend's parents with their taxes - This is happening tomorrow.  I'm a little nervous.  I do my own taxes but don't want to really be responsible for someone else's.  But this is the parents of my friend who just passed away.  She always handled their taxes and before she passed she told them to ask me for help with them this year so I'm going to try.
Other items on the agenda:
  • clean out refrigerator
  • grocery shop Done 
    • Only spent $5 at Acme for 5 boxes of pasta, 8 pk paper towels, 4 dozen eggs and an egg coloring kit, everything was on sale plus I had a $10 off coupon and the egg coloring kit was free with the purchase of the eggs.
    • Acme was offering $7 in free gas for every $100 gift card purchase.  We shop there about every other week or sometimes weekly and we get our prescriptions there.  I purchased $200 in gift cards to receive $14 in free gas.
    • Spent $69 at Aldi
    • Mr Spent $11 earlier in the week at Acme
    • So far we are over the grocery budget by $11 and will probably be over a little more than that.  Aldi's had some really good grapes and tomatoes so I want to stop back and pick up some more for the week.  
  • finish our taxes - Done
    • State and Federal have been filed.
    • City - Will file on Monday, the city office fills out the paperwork for me all I have to do is show up with the W-2's and Rental Property Info.
    • Spent $106 to file both federal and state with H&R Block online but we are getting a pretty hefty return. I was lazy and just let them file the state too.  Will be getting $10 back through ebates though.
  • clean out the car - Maybe tomorrow
Food Waste - 2 oranges that started to get moldy - $.45
Food Waste for 2015 - $22.84

Garage - Received the insurance check for $2800, paid the contractor half.  Work starts next week to fix our garage!

Working on my tax plan for our tax return money.  I hate doing taxes but I love getting our refund!

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