March 8, 2015

A Fun Free Surprise

My mom had tickets to a comedy club on Friday.  Her husband wasn't feeling up to going.  He has some issues that cause him a lot of pain.  So my mom volunteered to take our daughters over night and gave us her tickets!

Guess who we got to see!

Mr. R and I had a fabulous time.  I tried to get my mom to go with us and find a different sitter but she said she would rather just hang out with our girls.

Gallagher was awesome!  He was out on the stage before the show started so everyone could pose for pictures with him.  Mr. R and I got a picture with him and Mr. R bought a tshirt for $20 that Gallagher signed for him.  Even though the comedy club asked that no cell phones be used, Gallagher encouraged people to get there cameras out and take a picture during the show.  He is such a great entertainer and a terrific comedian.

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