March 8, 2015

Inexpensive Family Fun: A Family Movie Party

Mr. R was off last night.  I was trying to think of something fun and inexpensive for the family to do and thought a Family Sleep Over Movie Party would be fun.  I have sleep overs in the living room with the girls a lot on weekends when Mr. R works but we never had one with him when he was off.

Mr. R rented The Book of Life from red box, which was a cute cartoon movie.  We've also started watching the Harry Potter movies. Big R really likes them, Little R isn't quite ready for them though.  Mr. R has been buying them when he finds them cheap/used.

We had cheddar popcorn that I purchased at Aldi a few weeks ago marked down and gummy bears that Mr. R bought at Aldi for snacks and a pitcher of fruit punch for drinks.

We brought one of the girls' mattresses down for the girls to sleep on in the living room.  Mr. R slept on the couch and I ended up going upstairs to sleep in our room once all the movies were over.  We stayed up until after midnight watching movies.  Little R fell asleep earlier but Big R thought it was great to stay up so late.

I anticipated this late night and had the girls take a nice long nap earlier in the day.

Overall it was a really fun family night and with the movie rental and snacks, we spent less than $5 on the night.

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