January 17, 2015

Pay Day Financial Updates

This should have been an exciting paycheck.  Mr. R had holiday pay on his and I received an extra check for $300 for an extra project I did at work.  Unfortunately we had some expensive bills.

  • Car - Mr. R took his car in to the dealership to fix 2 items that were under warranty.  But he also needed a new tire.  It wasn't patchable. Big shock there.  We probably should have shopped around but since the car was already at the dealership, we told them to just replace it.  $140
  • Cell Phone - The bill this month was $222.  Crap!  Wasn't expecting that one.  $60 was the upgrade charge for our new phones.  I knew about this charge but we've had the phones for a month now so I forgot that it would be on our bill.  And because I switched plans 1 week into the month our bill is really confusing.  But it looks like we ended up going over our data even though we tried to be really careful.  That cost us an extra $15.  I also went over in texts.  Our new plan has unlimited but, again, the way they prorated the usage I ended up being charged $.70 for text and Mr. R bought a game for $1.99.   Hopefully next month it will be the $145 that I'm expecting it to be.
We were able to add some to our savings:
  • $40 to Little R's account
  • $232 vacation fund
  • $200 EF 

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