January 17, 2015

Food Waste and Meal Plan for the Week

So far this year I have not thrown ANY food away due to being wasteful and not using things up. Yay for me!!!  The only wastefulness going on here is the food the kids don't finish on their plates.  I've been trying to enforce the "If you have room for dessert then you have room to finish your dinner."  I don't mind if they don't eat all their food because they are full.  But if they just want to get out of eating the healthy stuff and go straight for dessert, that's a problem.

This was the meal plan for last week and what we actually ended up having.
  • Sunday: Leftover Meatloaf - Mr. R and the girls spent the day at his mom's house since I was still really sick.  They had dinner over there.  I ate some leftovers. 
  • Monday:  Pork, beans & brown rice, topped with cheddar cheese & sour cream - The rice took longer to cook than I realized.  I usually buy instant but instead got the slow cooking kind.  Dinner was leftover meatloaf.
  • Tuesday - Frozen lasagna and Rolls: Pork, beans and rice.
  • Wednesday -  Leftover pork and beans and lasagna. - Leftover pork, beans and rice wrapped in flour tortillas. 
  • Thursday  - Baked Chicken   - Keilbasa, red beans and rice
  • Friday - Leftover Chicken.  Baked Chicken and Leftovers
Pretty much none of the dinners worked out as planned.  But that's ok.  Like I said, didn't waste any food.

I spent $92 at Aldi getting lots of produce and the normal stuff like eggs and milk.  I did buy a large pork roast for $1.99 per pound which was a large part of the money I spent.

Meal Plan for this week:

  • Saturday - Will be baking today so I'm going to make the best use of heating up the oven and prepare a couple meals. 
    • Using up some of the leftover baked chicken for Chicken and Dumplings.
    • Baked Frozen Lasagna (I received a homemade pan of lasagna from my mom for Christmas)
    • 2 packs of Brown and Serve Rolls
    • Baked Apples
  • Sunday -  Leftovers from above.
  • Monday - Probably another night of leftovers.
  • Tuesday - Pasta and spaghetti sauce from the freezer.
  • Wednesday - Turkey Burgers
  • Thursday - Leftovers
  • Friday - Pulled Pork Sandwiches (frozen pork from freezer)

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