January 30, 2015

Friday Financials

Under Budget:
  • $35 left in the food budget.  Rolling this into this pay periods grocery money as I went a little over board at Aldi and Ollie's yesterday.
  • $52 left in gas budget - will be moved to savings
  • $18 "extra spending money" - will be moved to savings
Extra Expense:
  • A few weeks ago I had a bill from the dentist for $124 that I wasn't sure if I should pay or not.  I wrote about it here.  I'm glad I waited as I just received the new bill and it is now for $89.80.
Vacation Spending Money:
  • I've started accumulating snacks for our trip.  I always pack a gallon size bag full of a variety of snacks on any trip we go on.  So far I have little bags of Ritz Crackers with Cheese in the middle, Fruit Roll Ups, Beef Jerkey, Dum Dum Suckers, yogurt covered raisins and granola bars.  I had a 15% off coupon for Ollie's.  So I bought a whole bunch of snacks and split them up for use at home and on the trip.  Total Spent $8
  • Vacation Fund: $355
  • Car Fund: Added $265 to our car savings fund.  This puts us at exactly $1,000.  We had more but took $1500 out for a down payment for my new car.  We plan on putting this $1,000 down on Mr. R's car when we buy out the lease.
  • Emergency Fund: $350
  • Girls Birthday: $400 Their Birthdays aren't until the end of Summer.  But I always set money aside out of the first 3 paycheck month. This should be enough for gifts and their party.
Grocery Spending:
  • Aldi - $134.69
  • Ollie - $10.00
  • Acme - $19.00

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