February 1, 2015

Food Waste and Meal Plan

We actually stuck to the meal plan last week pretty well.  Here's what we had:
  • Sunday - Hamburgers
  • Monday - Hamburger Helper
  • Tuesday - Chicken Parmesan and pasta
  • Wednesday - Baked Chicken
  • Thursday - Hamburger Helper
  • Friday - Leftovers
Our Food Waste for the Week: I don't normally count food that is left on the girls' plates in my food waste totals.  I try to give them enough to eat that they won't be throwing extra out but there were 2 times this week that there was a lot of waste from meals.
Big R wasn't feeling well on Monday and didn't eat dinner.  Mr. R
put her dinner in the refrigerator like this.  Not plastic wrap,
no closed container.  I found this the next morning.  
Estimated Food Waste:  $.10 for green beans + $.65 for Hamburger Helper.

Pop Tart - I found a pop tart in the girls room.  Little R must have carried it upstairs and set it down on their vanity and forgot about it.  She hadn't even taken 1 bight of it.  She didn't remember it until we got to school that morning and then was upset that she didn't have breakfast.  $.16

Total Food Waste for the Week: $.91
Total Food Waste in 2015: $4.39

Meal Plan for the Week of 2/1 - 

  • Sunday - French Toast and Breakfast Casserole - Using some leftover ham from the freezer and using up some bread.  Plan on making a large batch of breakfast casserole to make freezer breakfast burritos.
  • Monday - BBQ Pulled Pork - from freezer
  • Tuesday - Crockpot Beanless Vegetable Chicken Chili - I bought lots of veggies this week and had planned to make chili but forgot the beans.  I'm going to make it anyways but instead of beans, I'm going to use up some brown rice that is in the cupboard.
  • Wednesday - Leftovers
  • Thursday - Pasta with frozen meat sauce
  • Friday - Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings

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