December 21, 2014

Our Inexpensive Weekend

The girls and I had a great weekend together.  Mr. R had to work four hours Friday evening and then 12 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday nights which means he was sleeping all day.

Friday - 
Big R had been sick and stayed home from school but she was feeling better by Saturday morning. Little R and I went to the store and bought cookie decorations.  Mr. R only had to work four hours so he brought a bottle of wine home with him and we stayed up late talking.

Saturday -

  • Took the girls to Bumper Bowling League.  As a special Christmas celebration, the bowling alley provided lunch and cookies for all the kids when they were done bowling.
  • Then it was off to Gymnastics lessons.
  • 3 hours of Christmas Cooking baking and decorating
  • Finished the labels and organized for home made gifts.
  • The girls watched a movie and then a couple episodes of Goosebumps and slept on the floor in the living room for sleep over.
  • We had a leftover 2 liter of Coke from my party last weekend.  Mr. R and I don't drink regular Coke.  So the girls each got to have a glass at our sleep over and were really excited.  They don't get pop often so its exciting to them.
  • I downloaded a new game to play with credits I had on iWin.
  • The girls were watching make up tutorials on the internet and wanted to try to do Elsa's and Ana's make up on themselves.
  • I let Big R use some of my make up for the make overs and she followed along with the tutorials, then I french braided her hair and they each picked out a dress to put on.
  • Since they were dressed up, I decided we should have a picnic party.  I put Christmas music on and made a picnic lunch of sliced bananas, peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into triangles and bologna, cheese and crackers.  For dessert, each of the girls got a Christmas Sugar Cookies and a glass of Coke to drink.  They spread out a blanket and ate lunch on the living room floor.
  • When they were done eating, we all say along to Christmas music and the girls had a "dance party"
  • I wrapped the rest of our families' gifts and organized them into boxes.  So as we head out to our Christmas parties, we just have to grab the box of gifts that will go to that party.  I just have 1 or 2 more gifts for the girls to wrap.
  • I cleaned, swept and mopped the kitchen, dining room and living room.
  • We found out that Mr. R's parents already bought a Ham for Christmas Eve so I decided the bake the free ham that we got from Mr. R's work for dinner.  I also baked some sweet potatoes for lunches this week and made french fries out of the last 5 baked potatoes.
  • Tonight I plan to play my game some more and find a new book to download on my kindle.
  • Plus I'm making lists of things I need to pick up over the next couple of days.  I need to run to Aldi, the Dollar Tree and Acme.  Hopefully the lists will help me from forgetting anything and having to go back to the store.

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