December 21, 2014

Decorating Christmas Cookies

The girls and I spent about 3 hours baking cookies and decorating them.  We have TONS of cookies.  I took Little R to the store with me to pick out the decorating supplies.  I needed new food coloring and the store only have 1 box in bright colors: pink, orange, blue and green.  We also picked up some sprinkles, a tube of pink glitter frosting, mini chocolate chips and mini M&Ms.  I spent about $15 on the decorating supplies.  

We made a double batch of sugar cookie dough.  Half was used for cut outs and the other half was used to make the Candy Cane shaped cookies.  Unfortunately the dough was a little dry so it made shaping the candy cane cookies a little tough.  That's why those cookies are so big.  

My mom always made the candy cane cookies with us but I don't know what recipe she used.  I'm assuming it wasn't this one.

I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies to use up the mini-chocolate chips.

Big R was done after decorating about 5 cookies so Little R and I finished the rest.  I'm happy with how they turned out and we made a lot more than I had expected.  Some are now in the freezer as I don't think we will be able to eat all of these cookies any time soon.

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