December 7, 2014

Financial Updates

It's been a busy weekend.  I had a great time out with my mom, sister and one of my best friends last night. We had a girls night as an early birthday celebration for me.  I had a blast dancing.

Here's the financial updates:

Added to Savings:

  • $100 to repair fund
  • $182 to the 2014 savings challenge
Christmas Shopping:
Almost done, just need to pick up 3 gift cards.  Next goal is to finish the home made gifts and get everything wrapped.  These are the gift cards I still need:
  • $15 (birthday gift card for nephew whose birthday is a couple days after Christmas)
  • $25 Restaurant Gift Card for my parents
  • $25 Restaurant Gift Card for my in-laws
For both sets of parents, we get them each a gift separately and then a gift card for them to go out to eat.

Since we've decided to set $40 aside every pay day to go out to eat as a family, I booked a breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Clause next weekend.  It includes a breakfast buffet and is only $25 for our whole family.

I also set aside $60 to get the girls pictures taken on Friday.  We haven't had the girls' pictures professionally taken together for a few years, instead we have just purchased the photos from school.  So I'm excited to get some nice Christmas photos this year.

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