December 2, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gifts: Body Scrubs

I found these cute little jars at Flower Factory.  They were $2.29 for 3.  Tonight I made this Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub from the Wellness Mama and this Peppermint Sugar Scrub from Love Grows Wild. The jars were 5 oz. each.  I was hoping that I could find smaller jars so that I could give each person one jar of each scrub but couldn't find any that had lids.  So each person will only get once jar of body scrub.

I had enough brown sugar to make just over a triple batch.  And I had to use a mixture of Almond Oil and Coconut Oil and I omitted the Vitamin E oil since I didn't have any.  I think it came out a little oily so I might try to drain some of the oil out of the jars.  Not sure.

For the Peppermint scrub, I had 3 cups of sugar left in the cupboard.  I used Coconut Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil.  I didn't use the green food coloring though.  I used some of this that was left in the bowl at the end and it made my hands nice and soft.

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