November 16, 2014

American Girl Doll, Thanks a lot Show and Tell

After 3 months of being absolutely certain that she wanted a knitting set from Santa, Big R changed her mind. She now wants an American Girl doll.  A couple girls from school have them and brought them in to show at school plus we got a catalog in the mail a while back that Big R must have seen.

She told my husband that she knows they are expensive that is why she is asking Santa for it because he can make anything.  Too Cute!

So here I was thinking how great I did shopping for her.  I was pretty much done and came in way under budget by starting shopping early and keeping my eye out for good sales/clearance items plus my $83 in Disney rewards helped too.  And now she plans on asking for an American Girl Doll.  I looked on the website and they are $115! Ouch.  Hopefully they have a great black Friday sale.  I am also going to keep watching for one on eBay.  But it looks like they are a popular item on eBay too with lots of bidding action going on.

I'm definitely not going to buy anything though until Big R gets to see Santa and tell him what she wants for Christmas, just in case she changes her mind again.

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