November 13, 2014

Making Christmas Presents From the Kids

Every year I find a craft for the girls to make to hand out as Christmas gifts.  This year the girls are making snow globe sun catchers.  I bought the glitter paint pens and sun catchers through Oriental Trading.  It cost about $20 and I have 24 sun catchers for them to paint.  I found the suction cup hooks at the dollar store and only needed to buy 2 packs.  So for $22 the girls are able to make 24 sun catchers. Although, with the amount of paint they are going through, I might have to buy more.

I read somewhere that I can make the paint myself with clear elmer's glue and food coloring so I might try that.

I'm letting them each make 3 at a time per painting session so they don't get bored and just rush through them. So far they are having a great time.

Closer to Christmas, I'll let them decide who they are giving them to and help wrap them.  For less than $1 each, they have gifts to hand out to their teachers, grandparents, friends, aunts and cousins.


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