October 15, 2014

Surprise Day Off

I've been a bit depressed this week.  Work has been slow.  People are annoying me.  I don't think I got that job that I interviewed for 3 times since I haven't heard anything since the last interview on Friday.  I had the impression it was between me and 1 other person.  We both met with the new Marketing Manager on Friday so I figured if they made a decision and it was me, I would know by now.

Mr. R and I are going away this weekend for 3 nights.  I took Friday and Monday off for our trip.  Around 2 pm today, I just knew I didn't want to spend all day tomorrow at work when I have stuff to get done.  So I asked my boss if I could take tomorrow off too.  She was fine with it.  I spent the last couple hours of work today making sure all my stuff was caught up and covered for the next few days.

So tomorrow seems extra special since I hadn't planned on taking it off, but did anyways.  And the girls are in school so I'll be able to get everything ready for the trip without interruption.

Plan for tomorrow:

  • return some sweaters to target that didn't fit
  • make a return to kmart
  • get groceries for our trip
  • pack the kids stuff for grandmas
  • get my stuff packed 

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