September 14, 2014

Saving Money at Target - Christmas Planning

Mr. R and I went to Target on Friday to get some inspiration for what to get the girls for Christmas.  I have a few ideas for Little R.  She loves to dress up.  Almost every night she asks to put on a dress. She has an old Belle dress that someone gave to us but its started to get pretty old looking and frayed at the bottom.  So here are my ideas for Little R:

  • A new princess dress - from Disney using my credit card rewards
  • Fur Real Pet Dog
  • Nerf Gun - to go with a gift Big R is getting
  • Baby Princess Tiana Doll - As of now this is what she wants to ask Santa for.  Not sure how she got this in her head but we'll see if it's still what she wants when it comes time to see Santa.
For Big R, I'm still a little stumped.  The one thing we found was a Nerf Cross Bow.  The girls can shoot at each other in the play room or outside.  So far she has decided she wants to ask Santa for a knitting set.  I happened to find on one clearance last month for only $3!

While at Target, we found some great deals on Clearance for Stocking Stuffers and Gifts:

Big R Stocking Stuffers:
Bubbles $.68,  2 gel pens $.58, Pen Glasses $.88, Bubble Gun $1.74

Big R Gift:
Hair Chalk Set $3.58

Big R's Best Friends Birthday Gifts
(Party Next Weekend and Both Girls are Going):
Watch Slap Bracelet Decorating Kit: $4.48, Jewelry Making Set $2.98
Little R's Stocking Stuffers:
Bubbles $.68, Bubble Gun $1.74, 3 Wind Up Bath Toys $2.08 each

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