September 14, 2014

Bulk Cooking This Week

On the menu this week for some Bulk Cooking:

  • Lasagna - I made two pans of Lasagna Yesterday.  One small and one large.  The small is almost gone, the rest will be leftovers for lunch and dinner choices this week.  Mr. R and I love lasagna so I know this will all get eaten.
  • Crock Pot Vegetarian Chili -  In the Crock Pot right now.  Should make enough for dinner and a couple lunches plus I'll be freezing 2 bags of chili for future dinners.
  • Taco Meat and Beans: Will be making a large batch in the Crock Pot this week.  We use this filling for all our Mexican meals - taco salad, nachos, burritos, Mexican pizza, etc.  I plan on making enough for nacho bowls 1 night plus enough filling for 12 frozen burritos and another bag of filling to freeze for another dinner later.
  • Breakfast Casserole - Will make a crock pot full of breakfast casserole for dinner 1 night. Leftovers will be used for breakfasts later in the week and filling to make at least 12 frozen breakfast burritos.
This should fill up our freezer some and provide some extra easy meals for the next week or two.

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  1. Wow... want to come and do some cooking for me too? ;) Green with envy here!! Yum!