September 17, 2014

Keeping my eye out for Clearance Deals

I know I'd probably save more money by staying out of the stores.  But I love shopping Clearance items.  Today at lunch I didn't feel like going home so I decided to swing by Kmart and have a look around.

  • Big R needed some new pajamas as she has outgrown most of hers.  I found 3 different pajama sets for under $5 each!  
  • I picked out a new bathing suit for each of the girls for $7.  And for Big R, I bought a matching rash guard to go with it for $7.  These will be Christmas gifts and will be great for our cruise in February.
  • 4 new shirts for myself all between $2 - $4.  Only 1 can pass as a dress shirt for work, the rest are for casual Fridays or weekends.
  • A new plain white shirt with sparkly sleeves for Big R for just over $2.  I bought her some really cute sweaters but needed a plain shirt to go with them.
All together, I only spent $52!  That's a lot of clothes for only $52.  The bathing suits are coming out of the Christmas Spending.  I'm paying for my shirts out of my personal spending.  And the rest will come out of our "extra expenses" money.

I love getting good deals!

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