September 18, 2014

When to stop buying Christmas presents for nieces and nephews?

We have a lot of nieces and nephews and 1 great nephew.  (How is that possible.  I am to young to have a great anything.)  We had decided once they turned 18 to quit buying gifts for them.  But that didn't last as only 1 person was over 18 and we felt bad buying for everyone else and not her.

Every year I struggle with this.  I would like to cut back on the Christmas shopping and spending.  I would like to just focus on my daughters at Christmas.  But then I feel guilty not buying for EVERYONE.

At what age do you stop buying for nieces and nephews?


  1. We only buy for the little one now. Usually the older ones have more than enough. I make each one a afghan when they go to college but after 10 we don't do presents for them. The only thing we do is is have some kind of craft or activity to keep them busy. We can't afford it and neither can their parents so its all good.


  2. My friend quit giving Easter baskets/gifts to grandkids when they turned 16. Well, she said that first one has never quite forgiven her, that she cried. But, my friend stuck to her rules. So, make a rule and stick to it. Everyone may be grateful to be off the hook for so many other children.

  3. My rule is usually around 12 or 13.

  4. Ugh. If, you are not enjoying it, then just stop across the board. Gift giving is NOT obligatory. That's the very nature of a gift. You don 't owe ANYBODY a Christmas gift, or an explanation.