July 17, 2014

Uh Oh! What Would You Do...

I made it through round 3 of lay offs at work.  Unfortunately, I realized that even though I really like my boss and my co-workers, I am definitely ready to move on. 

I sent a resume about 5 weeks ago to a company for an open position that would be perfect for me.  They contacted me through email and asked me to submit a formal application, which I did right away.  Then I hadn't heard anything from them in weeks so I figured I wasn't what they were looking for.

Well, last night around 11, I realized I had a voicemail that I hadn't noticed.  It was someone from this company wanting me to email them samples of my work and links to websites that I have worked on.  They also wanted me to review their websites and give them some feedback.

I was so excited that I couldn't sleep.  This company has a good reputation and the job sounds perfect for me.  I stayed up until 1 a.m. making notes on their websites and writing a reply email.  Then at work this morning, I attached pdf's of some examples of my work and added links to the email.  I decided that I wrote too much and decided to delete some sentences so I wasn't rambling.  I missed deleting 1 word.

So there was a sentence in the middle of a paragraph that said..."I worked came up with a ..."  I must have re-read the email 20 times before sending it and re-read it 3 times afterwards.  It was on the last time reading through it that I noticed this mistake.  Since I knew what I was trying to say, I never noticed that extra word in there.  I've been stressing about it ever since.

I couldn't decide if I should resend the email with the correction or hope they wouldn't notice.  But it's such an obvious mistake that I can't really pretend that they won't notice.  So I resent the email with the following note at the top:

I recently discovered a mistake in one of the sentences below.  I was so excited about being considered for this position, that I wanted to get you samples of my work right away.  When I was revising one of the sentences below, I hadn't deleted a word that should have been. I have fixed the mistake and hope that you will still consider me for this position.

I'm so mad at myself for making this mistake.  I hope they don't hold it against me.

Would it have been better to hope they didn't notice or fess up and hope I get points for speaking up and wanting to fix it?

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