July 15, 2014

Electric Updates and Other Expensive Bills

This month is draining our budget.  I have spent so much time trying to figure out our electric charges and spent quite a bit of time talking to a rep at the electric company.  Still don't understand the charges but it looks like we are stuck paying the $414 electric bill this month.

The only good thing about taking us off the budget billing with AEP Energy is that our balance will zero out and I plan to keep a very close eye on what we are being charged from now on.

I just received the daycare bill for August: $881!  yuck.  Luckily its the last month before school starts so we'll be back down to one kid in daycare then.

And we received a medical bill for Mr. R for $156.  It looks like the total was lowered $100 from a discount with our insurance company but the balance was applied to our deductible instead of the insurance actually paying anything.

Total of $421 in Extra Bills/Expenses that I hadn't planned for in July.  We won't be adding anything to savings on Friday and hopefully with Mr. R's holiday pay from July 4th we'll be able to cover all of these extra bills.


  1. Ouch. Bad things often come with company. Hope they can provide you with a breakdown of the electric from now on. I haven't been on the website my parents' used, but they would tell them an estimate of how/where they use the electricity the most (shower, A/C, kitchen, fridge). It was very interesting.

  2. Yikes, that's definitely an expensive month for you!!

  3. Yea, expensive month. Keep fighting and keep your head up! Not all months will be like this!