July 11, 2014

Thrift Store Shopping Guilt

I like shopping at thrift stores, buying everything from toys and clothes for the girls to clothes for myself and furniture.  Mr. R is a thrift store addict.  Whenever he has some free time to waste, he goes to one of the many thrift stores around.

Whenever I'm eBaying, I buy a lot of what I sell from thrift stores and that's when I feel guilty.  I feel bad that I'm buying good quality toys and shoes at such a low price to resell them when their could be a poor family that could use these items for their children.  It's like I'm ruining the chances of someone getting good quality low cost items that truly needs them.

The guilt hasn't stopped me yet and I know a lot of people do this.  But I still feel guilty.  Especially when Big R. yells out "Are these for me or are you selling them" whenever I place a toy in our cart.

Does anyone else ever feel guilty about shopping at thrift stores to buy merchandise to sell on eBay?


  1. I have never sold stuff on EBAY. I do like shopping in the thrift stores, since I can usually find nice quality clothing for the family. Last winter, we found beautiful winter coats for the kids. I paid less than 25 dollars total for name brand, heavy winter coats.

  2. Don 't feel guilty. Most thrift shops use the proceeds from sales to support charities. My favorite local thrift shop supports the food bank. I buy most things for my home at thrift shops, as well as any clothes I can find for the kids. That I can easily buy these things new is irrelevant. They are there for purchase, I bought them, and the shop is happy for my business.

  3. I second the anon. There are plenty of thrift stores to satisfy many needs. And you resell because your family needs money. We all survive how we can :) I do love shopping at thrift stores!