July 10, 2014

We've caught the ebaying bug

I had 3 great sales since I started selling on eBay again.  I've made $51 in profit on just those 3 sales.  Mr. R picked out 1 of the things we sold: a pair of men's Nike air max shoes.  He found them at a garage sale for $2 and they sold the first time I listed them for $34.99!

So now Mr. R is really into finding good deals at garage sales, thrift stores and even things in our own house we aren't using so we can sell it all on eBay and make some extra money.

There's a thrift store down the road from us that has 50% off Wednesdays.  Most of what I buy to resell is toys and kids' shoes.  I've been branching out to name brand adult shoes like the Nike's and a pair of ecco women's shoes that I just picked up yesterday for $2.

It's very exciting and I check my phone many times a day to see if I have any bids or if anyone is even looking at the stuff I have listed.

I booked a really nice, big family vacation for February 2015 yesterday so this extra money will come in handy.  I plan on hitting as many garage sales as I can to earn as much as I can this summer to help pay for the trip and to go towards my savings goals this year.  Living in Ohio, once it gets cold and the garage sales stop, my inventory dwindles.

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  1. That's awesome to have a good thrift store nearby... there is a great one (an hour away, yuck), or another one about 1.5hrs away. They let you fill paper bags with everything and pay a nominal fee, as long as there's no electronics. I havent been there in ages, but it sure makes me miss having thrift stores around me... the closest one is very lousy (I've only found 2 shirts in all the times I've been there).