July 3, 2014

Lots of Garage Sale Finds today.

I took a half day today from work and Mr. R and I spent the afternoon hitting the sales.  We spent $76!

But I got lots to sell.  Tons of Mega Blocks, total cost: $35: a Mega Block fold up table, Mega block Farm, Disney Mega Block People, a Dump Truck, another large truck, hundreds and hundreds of blocks...etc.  We are saving the best for our girls to play with.  Big R has been playing with them for hours, only stopping for dinner.  But I still have over 300 blocks and the large truck to sell.

I also got a huge set up Pop Onz (another type of blocks) with a table with storage, farm accessories and animals and more.  I got the whole set for $8.

A pair of Really nice Nike Air Max Men Shoes for $2, a pair of purple converse toddler girl shoes for $1.  2 vintage clothing patters for $.25 and some other vintage stuff to try and sell.

I also got a really nice glue gun for myself for $5 and 3 pairs of shoes for little R for only $1 each.

It was a great day.  But now I'm a little nervous about spending so much.  We had our phones with us so we could check recent sales before we purchased items so I know most of what we got should sell.  I just need to get them listed and find boxes for everything.

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