July 1, 2014

Ebay Sale #2: Wooden Doll House Furniture

I bought this set of wooden doll furniture at a garage sale over the weekend.  I paid $6 for them hoping they would be worth more than that to resell on ebay.  I listed them for auction starting at $28 and they sold today.

$28.00-$6 price paid - $9.87 shipping - $2.80 ebay fees - $1.11 pay pal fees = $8.22 profit.  I more than doubled my money.  Not bad.  But since they sold so quickly I'm left wondering if I should have listed them higher.  I did research previous sales so I was in the right area.

I didn't count the cost of all the bubble wrap I used for packaging but I bought a giant box last year so I have plenty on hand.  I think from now on I'm going to set 20% of sales aside for packaging supplies, 30% to reinvest in purchasing more items to sell and 50% will go to my savings challenge.

So $4.11 will be added to savings, $1.64 for supplies and $2.46 for garage sale money.

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