June 5, 2014

I'm quitting the Electric Budget

I am so confused by our electric company and the way they bill us.  We have AEP Ohio and were on a rolling budget for years.  Then AEP Energy kept sending us information in the mail about how we can save money by signing up through them.  Still confused as they are both through AEP, but whatever.  After many notices from AEP Energy, I decided to sign up.  Our bill jumped up after that.  I called and complained and was told that we actually are being charged for one part of the bill from AEP Ohio which is still on a rolling budget and then the rest is through AEP Energy which isn't.  So we should see a drop in the warmer months.

That of course didn't happen.  My electric bill went from $184 to $218 to $244 for the month of May!  Even though our usage was down.  I called AEP Ohio and was told that we had been using up a credit from over payment but that ran out which is why our bill was higher this month.

I'm looking at the statements from both companies right and we are on a budget with both, these were the current charges for the Month of May:
$99 monthly budget payment AEP Ohio
$72.82 Current Charges from AEP Energy
= $171.82

My bill was $244.04 so we over payed by $72.22 which goes into the Accumulated Budget for AEP Energy.  So far we have $382.43 accumulated in our balance for AEP Energy.

So, I'm taking us off the budget.  It seems like being on budget isn't helping me keep my payments stable anyways and with the way we get charged for certain items from one company and other items from the other company, its just too confusing.

I'll probably regret this come winter but I think it will help me to get a better understanding of what we use and are being charged for.

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  1. I live in the same region as you (a little north of Columbus) and go through the same thing with AEP. It's extremely frustrating. I am still on the monthly average budget, but even though we just installed a new extremely efficient HVAC system, our bill increased because AEPs charges increased. The charge for kWH is much higher than it was even a year ago, but AEP comes up with these marketing ideas to try to hide that (like AEP energy). Oh well, what can you do?!?