June 20, 2014

Friday Financials

Not too much going on in Financial news at the Ripples' house.  My 2 online classes started on Wednesday.  I put $240 on the credit card to pay for them so the money that I would have used for savings is paying off the credit card instead.

Our "extra miscellaneous money" is getting pretty low.  Hopefully we can make $62 last another two weeks.  This time of year is so hard.  With Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June and then we have about 6 birthdays between May - July.  It gets quite expensive even when I try to not spend too much and shop ahead to be able to scout out good deals and clearance items.

My mom's birthday and my sister's birthday are 3 days apart in July.  We're hoping to get all the husbands to watch the kids and have a day to ourselves. Thinking of either spending the day at Put-in-Bay or if the weather isn't nice maybe a drive out to Grove City Outlets.  I found my sister some really cute items that were on clearance at thinkgeek.com.  She loves unicorns and my little pony.  Yes, this is my older sister I'm talking about.  I got her unicorn ear buds and a pinkie pie coffee mug for, both items only cost me about $15 total.

I want to buy my mom a Curl Deva starter kit.  It's about $35.  Although I think I might have some money in points at the salon by my house that I can use towards it to brink the cost down a little.

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  1. Grove City Outlets.....Vera Bradley OUTLET STORE!!!