April 30, 2014

May is NOT 3 paycheck Month :(

Well thanks a lot Tanner for bursting my 3 paycheck month bubble.
Just kidding. :)  It's better I realize my mistake now than spending money that I'm not going to have.

After reading Tanner's comment about January having been her three paycheck month.  It had me thinking that sounded vaguely familiar.  So I went back and counted again. Some how I had counted the paychecks wrong.  Very Sad.  All that good saving not gonna happen next month.


  1. Shoot....it is great that the money won't be spent before the mistake was found out. That would have been terrible for everyone.

  2. Haha, awww. I'm sorry! Better that, than to count on money that will not be coming. Good thing is, next one is in August, which isn't very far off! All of mine is going straight to savings. I have a LOT of catching up to do on my savings goals! Guess that does remind me, it will be my dad's 3 check month in May. I should let him know. He's totally unaware of any extra money, since it always disappears into the void that is their household.