April 29, 2014

May is 3 paycheck Month!

I'm budgeting for May and already planning on what we will spend our third paycheck on.  Our budget is based on two paychecks a month with specific bills being paid out of the first check and specific bills being paid out of the second check.  So the only thing we need to pay for out of the third paycheck is spending money, groceries and gas.  3 paycheck months happen twice a year, the first is how we pay for the girls big birthday party every year and the second is what we use to pay for Christmas.

Here's how I'm planning to use that third paycheck:

  • $200 Girls Birthdays (hopefully less)
  • $360 EF
  • $360 Car Fund
  • $360 Vacation Fund
  • $200 Doctor/Dentist Bills - I'm still waiting on the final bill from the Dentist for Big R after the insurance pays their portion.  I'm pretty sure I have a bill for Big R that's over $100 from tests when she had strep and there was a bill for Mr. R that was over $200 but the insurance hadn't paid yet.  Our insurance always seems to take for ever to pay so I'm waiting until I get the second notice before I start calling and bugging the insurance or make a payment.


  1. It is for us too!! :) That's exciting!

  2. That's exciting. I am hoping to increase my savings also.

  3. We "heart" 3 pay months here too!
    Our extra check will pay for our recent trip...at least everything we put on the cc.....which was 90% of it.
    No digging into last year's Savings Challenge $/this year's EF/Fun money for the trip...yay!

  4. That's awesome! Mine was in January, the next one is August, if I'm not mistaken. It's so cool. Many congrats!