March 11, 2014

Planning Spending: Disney Rewards

We don't plan on doing another Disney trip for at least 2 years.  We would like to do another cruise in 2015 as our big family trip so Disney World is at least 2 years away.  While I would like to continue to save my Disney rewards for our next trip I am also planning to use some before then as gifts.

We already have accumulated $39 in new rewards since we completely cashed them out in January for Disneyland.  I am planning on using some of the rewards money to shop at the Disney Store online to purchase gifts for the girls' birthdays and Christmas.

So I'm watching the sales for anything the girls' would absolutely love and a good free shipping deal plus I plan to match that up with a refund through ebates.  This should cut back on the amount of money we need to set aside for birthday and Christmas gifts this year.

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