March 2, 2014

Grocery Shopping Update

So even though I tried really hard to go through the cupboards and make a meal plan around what we have, somehow I still spent way too much at the grocery store.

Aldi was crazy busy yesterday.  It took me five minutes of driving around the parking lot until I was lucky enough to find a parking space.  The store was packed.  There were 4 cashiers and the lines were still long.  Usually when I go they only have 1 cashier and possibly a second if needed.

Total Spent: $98 from food budget
                   $ 7 from extra money budget

Money left until March 14th:  $73 Food Budget, $122 Extra Money

1 comment:

  1. Once you inventoried what is on hand, did you make a list of these things? Did you use some sort of a calendar or template and try to figure out some menus? I shop backwards, compared to many. I stock up on deals, then, come mid month, I inventory what I have on hand and figure out menus for the upcoming month. I generate a list of must haves to complete these menus,usually finding that there is very little I have to get, as I often can substitute. Wanted broccoli to accompany a pasta dinner, none at home, so decided to go with a green veggie-green beans instead, that kind of a thing.Another tip is to write down "chicken" for example, then go thru cookbooks or on line to get some ideas. I also have specific menu themes each day of the week: big meat dinner Sunday, fish Mon, Tues and Th crock pot or easy prep meals, Sat soup or sandwich. Wed/Fri are leftover nights as the youngest have visitation. Previously Wed was always pasta night, Fri fend for yourself as Mom is tired!

    Now that you shopped, can you share your dinner menu plans?