March 2, 2014

Best Dollar Tree Finds

I love going to the Dollar Tree.  I am developing quite a list of products that I purchase from there.  Yesterday, I found 60 count boxes of dryer sheets.  That is cheaper than at Aldi.  

I try to stock up when I go there.  Yesterday I spent $21 which will come out of our extra spending money fund. ($129 left until March 14)

Here are the items that I've tried and really like from the Dollar Tree:
  • Dermasil Dry Skin Treatment Lotion - I'm a lotion addict and this lotion is great.  It reminds me of Jergen's.  It isn't oily and is non-scented.
  • Daily Defense Green Tea & Thyme Shampoo and Conditioner - Decent size bottles for only being a dollar and the conditioner really works great with my hair.
  • Dryer Sheets - haven't tried them yet but can't imagine not liking them
  • Wet Mop Cloths
  • Body Wash
  • Shaving Cream for Mr. R
  • Batteries
  • Cat Toys 
The one thing that I purchased that didn't work out so well was cat food.  We needed some, I didn't want to run to a different store.  Princess refused to eat it.


  1. We have refrigerated and frozen foods at our $ Tree and I've found some good deals there. Just yesterday I bought 8 bags of pot stickers there-veg and chicken variety, $1 a bag. 10-11 stickers in a bag. I go to the next cheapest place to get frozen pot stickers and it's $16.99 for a bag of 54. So I can pay $16.99 for 54 or $5-ish for 54y buying 5 $1 bags.. And they taste the same. No brainer. Only thing cheaper would be to make them myself. 8-)

    I also found frozen salad shrimp and small scallops/pieces for $1 a 4 oz. bag at this $ Store last trip. I can add these to crabmeat to make a very interesting crab cake/seafood cake or use them both in a fancy dish of seafood and veggies in a cheese sauce filled puff pastry shell, or use the shrimp in shrimp salad for sandwiches. These smaller seafood bits are great in dishes where you don't need whole or large hunks of those seafood(casserole/stew/stir fry type dishes) and quite reasonable. I've also found frozen fruit, veggie blends, as well as smoked sausage/kielbasa and condiments for much less than the grocery stores charge. Also when expensive name brands change packaging or discontinue products they end up at the $ Store and are great finds.
    Last trip I got 16 oz. large bottles of Kraft Buffalo Ranch Dressing(#2 Son dips his pizza crust ends in this) for $1. Same product in the local grocery store?.....$2.99.

  2. Hee hee, Sluggy, I got the Kraft dressings, too. AND applied $1/2 bottles coupon on top, dropping the price to $0.50. Nice. : )