February 22, 2014

High School Play

We took the girls to have Cookies with the Cast at our local high school.  They were performing Beauty and the Beast.  I was really impressed it.

We paid $28 for our family of four to have cookies with the cast.  They provided crowns and bracelets for all the "princesses".  Chip read the kids a story.  They had students painting the kids faces, crayons and coloring books, the cast went from table to table taking photos with the kids and signing their coloring books. Belle went around handing out books to all the kids.  And they provided each table with two plates full of different types of cookies plus lemonade and water.

It was fun and I was so impressed as to how into character the high school students were.  Lumiere and Gaston were my favorite.  They were hilarious.

Then we stayed to watch the play.  The tickets cost us $40 and we spent another $5 on drinks and snacks at intermission.

This money all came out of our tax return.  This was one of the two fun family outings we had planned to use our tax return money on.

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